Why choose us?

We do the tough stuff, the one off's, the production runs, we solve the problems and ensure the weld holds.
Step out of cookie cutter solutions and work with the best.

Our Philosophy

Every weld is critical.

Welding solutions in the intermountain west are few and far between. We have been Laser Welding in Utah for nearly 20 years.

The companies we work with demand a six sigma solution.

Wikipedia states, “A six sigma process is one in which 99.99966% of all opportunities to produce some feature of a part are statistically expected to be free of defects.”

What this really means is that we strive for 100 percent quality with no defects whatsoever. We realize that perfection might not be a realistic goal, but any other goal is unacceptable.

Our reputation speaks for itself, we have examples of 10’s of thousands of production welds with fewer than 4 failures during almost a decade of welding for a specific customer.

Let us show you in action our quality and quick turn-around times, often within 48 hours of receiving your project.

We look forward to working with you.

Laser Weld Consulting

Our goal is to be your preferred supplier of Everything related to Micro-Laser welding.

Whether we are Laser Welding in Utah for local companies, or for your global organization, we are your one-stop supplier.

list of services:

Welding prototypes and one off projects

Welding production runs of 100's, 1000's and 10's of thousands of parts

Designing your weld process and verify your design for manufacturing is practical and sustainable

Consulting with you on setting up your own welding in-house to meet your critical demand and one-piece flow needs

Utilizing our decades of welding expertise to Train your workforce

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Whether we are Laser Welding in Utah for local customers, or providing service for your global organization, our customer service and quality is what sets us apart.

We don’t look at you as just a customer, we realize that your supply chain is critical and we are here to support every Laser Beam Weld that goes into it.