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Contact Us for Laser Beam Welding

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Contact Us for Laser Beam Welding.

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Whether you are looking at a single prototype or thousands of production pieces, we can be your trusted consultant and supplier of Micro-Welding utilizing Laser Beam Welding.

Pres. - Heath Harper

How many times have we asked you to Contact Us for Laser Beam Welding? Probably too many. The reason we mention this so many times is that each project we work on is unique. This is what we find beautiful about Laser Welding, the fact that we can apply our expertise in so many ways is exciting and rewarding. But, by contacting us we can chat with you about your needs and work on designing a solution that meets your needs.

Things to consider:

Although we weld at very small scale, the parts we weld can be small to medium in size. Some of the larger size parts that we have welded are up to 14 inches in diameter. 

Laser Beam Welding is different than  traditional welding in the fact that the energy that creates the weld pool is not being transfered electrically through the part and filler wire. This allows us to weld with a low thermally affected zone within the material, resulting in stronger part integrity after welding. This can also reduce many post weld heat treat requirements.  

Check out our applications Applications page for more examples of our welding.