Critical Laser Beam Welding

Even the Smallest Welds Must be Held to the Highest Standards 

What we do

Laser Weld Design is your source for Laser Beam Welding on the Micro-Scale.

We specialize in Micro-Laser Welding from 0.2mm to 2mm in Diameter. 

Now offering up to 6.5mm Continuous Wave Manual and Robotic Welding!

We Serve Multiple industries.

– With One Comprehensive Goal –

No failures and The Best Customer Experience!

Global install

LWD, Inc. is a critical supplier of Laser Beam Welding to Oil and Gas suppliers.
75,000 parts later and less than 4 failures in the last 7 years, we are the trusted weld service provider for downhole electronics housing welds.


With more than 25 years experience in Micro-Welding, we have been on the forefront of micro-laser welding technology longer than most others have been in business. We have accomplished this through strict quality standards, customer service and on-time delivery.

Medical and More

From Medical Device Welding and Lab Equipment, to Fine Jewelry and Battery Welding, we have the flexibility to Laser Beam Weld your critical components in ways you never thought possible.

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Here's a quick sample of just a few of the applications suited for Laser Beam welding

Let's explore solutions for your Laser Beam welding needs

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Why use laser beam welding from Laser Weld Design?

One of our industry partners, Sunstone Welders, created a great list of why their desktop Laser Beam Welding should be considered for Micro-Welding needs:

Here is the list:

  • 1. High precision / Weld any workpiece with confidence
  • 2. An advanced cooling system / Less wear and tear on the machine
  • 3. An intuitive touchscreen interface / Very easy to operate
  • 4. Microscopic weld joints / Weld small workpieces easily
  • 5. Leica 10x stereo microscope / See the workpiece closeup and clearly
  • 6. A larger than normal opening in the weld chamber / Bigger access for larger pieces allowing you to work more freely
  • 7. Pulse-shape settings that allow configuration of how the laser functions on different types of metal / Weld on any metal
  • 8. Superior, high-efficiency components / A cooler running system that reduces stress on critical-wear parts and greatly reduced maintenance
  • 9. Repeatable control over laser settings / Precise welds every time
  • 10. Up to 140 joules of output energy / Weld Silver easily
  • 11. High-efficiency optics to enable a higher average power output from fewer joules / Efficient running machine
  • 12. An advanced constant-voltage inverter power supply that eliminates power spikes / More effective welding that drastically extends the life of the laser flashlamp